Youtube Rank Tracker

The YouTube Rank Tracker enables you to automatically track the position of your video for specific keywords in the youtube search results.

The YouTube Rank Tracker tailor-made for YouTube creators.

Instantly check your video rankings, track them over time and analyse your performance against your competitors.

Free plan, no credit card required
Youtube Rank Checker
Video trackings
Youtube Rank Tracker Overview. A line chart with two lines. Displays the progression of the rank of a youtube video for three keywords. Shows the keyword change. Average found position and position distribution. Also compares rank to views per hour.
Competition analysis
Youtube Rank Tracker Competition Analysis. Shows a list of all videos, channel and playlists ranking for a keyword. Line chart with progression. Table with all videos rank.

Video SEO insights

Compare rank progression to video statistics

By comparing your rank progression to your video stats, you can see how your views, likes, and comments affect your video ranks and vice-versa.

Youtube Rank Tracker Charts showing keyword progression and metric comparison.
rank compared to
views per hour

competitors analysis

Compare your video to your competition

Chart your rank performance compared to other creators in your niche. This lets you adjust and adapt to their strategies and stay ahead of the game.

Youtube Competition Analsysis preview. Multiple videos in a table, with thumbnail, title, channel, rank progression line chart, change, and current position of the video.

More features

For all YouTube creators,
not just SEO professionals

  • Daily rank tracking

    We will rank check your videos everyday, automatically for every plan

  • Access to full SERP (search engine page results)

    You can check the full page results (50 items) in the competition analysis and easily navigate across records.

  • Unlimited videos tracking

    No limits for the amount of videos you can track for the same keyword and country.

  • Export video rank data easily to CSV or Excel.

  • Free plan with no credit card required.

  • Simple to use

    Simple and intuitive UI, providing a seamless user experience. Complex tasks and data-visualization made simple.


Supports nearly all countries in the world

Track your video's rank anywhere 🌍

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100+ countries



Awesome tool... Better than VidIQ and TubeBuddy in accuracy!



I got my channel monetized recently and your website helped it grow over 3 years to get there :) Just wanted to share some of the love!

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Great tool been using it for a long time. Keep it up ❤️



Love your tool, been sending it to my clients to it to check results.

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